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It’s like he went through another puberty and finally got enough sleep!!

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"The key difference between Sherlock and Elementary comes down to the way each show treats its protagonist. Everything in Sherlock revolves around Sherlock. He is the series’ sole reason for existing, and the dynamic remains frozen in amber. Sherlock will do something outrageous, everyone will gasp, but then he’ll solve a crime or offer a token gesture of commiseration, and everyone will move on. It gets old, because the show simultaneously wants its audience to be shocked by Sherlock’s behavior, and charmed by his roguish self-regard and evident brilliance, without much variation. Elementary takes a broader view. As Sherlock, Miller is often standoffish and arrogant, but he exists in a world that refuses to let him off the hook for his mistakes or his behavior; better still, he recognizes his failings, and is clearly working toward addressing them. This doesn’t mean the series is about “fixing” Holmes, or even that the character is inherently broken, but it allows for the possibility of growth and change. On Sherlock, Holmes is constantly bemoaning that he’s surrounded by idiots, and it’s hard to argue his point. On Elementary, Holmes is engaged in the slow, painful process of accepting that those “idiots” might have something to teach him. The former has its moments, but the latter makes for better television and more rewarding art."

“It’s Elementary, Sherlock: How the CBS procedural surpassed the BBC drama”, Zack Handlen


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corporatebanana said:

1st order of business: hang a sign on your door that says “eat a dick” to distract them from any problems they might have with your actual furnishings.

pls be my roommate.

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Fuck it, just bought a futon from walmart, gonna get a nice rug and some pillows from the op shop, hang up my fucking art and stop being scared of furnishing my own damn apartment because my roommates might not like it.

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new zealand’s finest

Why do I live here 

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Platonic relationships are great and all



but I prefer Socratic relationships



#and then there’s aristotelian relationships #that’s when you just make up a bunch of shit and your friends believe you (via @steinpratt)

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parvis wears a shirt that says “if found return to strife”

strife wears a shirt that says “i am not strife just fucking keep him”

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Heya everyone!

It’s Auckland Armageddon in a week, and I’m going to be selling things on the Sunday

I’ll be at the drawfest table, and i’m selling prints, stickers and original drawings

Hope I can see some of you guys there! =D

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Forget goat simulator. I AM BREAD  <—- full trailer


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"I function as a night light.”

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Day 3.

For more art and inktober, follow me on facebook! 

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My granddad taught me [to play poker]. Then my granny taught me how to cheat. Before she got shot in Reno.

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→ Best of Legolas

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